This course is specifically designed to help hygienists establish themselves

as valued team members in general dental practice.

We believe hygienists play an integral role on the delivery of healthcare

and should be viewed as clinicians, the same as dentists, and not as auxiliaries.



The Hygienist Course

6 key areas for hygienists have been identified:

  1.  Probing – how do you deal with situations when the dentist’s BPE is completely different to yours?
  2. Planning – how do you plan the phases of treatment and decide on the recall interval?
  3. Plaque – how do you give effective OHI in the limited time available?
  4. Periodontal therapy – how do you confidently perform effective debridement comfortably and without any issues with instruments (hands-on session)
  5. Practising – is there a way of working efficiently and to the same standard in different practices?
  6. Problem solving – how do you develop the confidence to let the patient (and referring dentist) know multiple appointments will be needed rather than just one? How do you deal with the rise in litigation? 

Dates: Saturday 22nd and Sunday 23rd May 2021

Timings: 9.30am - 4:00pm

Course investment: £850 (can be paid in 3 instalments if required) CPD hours: 15 hours


Each group will be limited to a maximum of 10 students and spaces will be on a first come first serve basis.


Optional Mentoring Programme

Graduates of the course will be offered a unique chance to apply for a 12-session mentoring programme.

During this time you will receive close-support training at RW Perio, 

Dr Reena Wadia’s specialist periodontal clinic in London.

This will compliment the course well and help you implement what you have learnt.

RW Exterior 2.jpeg

Detailed Curriculum


  1. Understand the background and terminology related to periodontal measurements.

  2. Discussing ways of making probing comfortable.

  3. Revising over the updated BPE guidelines.

  4. Learning how to effectively communicate your findings to your patients.

  5. Discussing strategies when dentists/other hygienists’ BPEs are different to yours.

  6. Understanding how to probe and assess implants.



  1. Discussion of the key risk factors involved in periodontitis.

  2. Confidence to treatment plan all types of cases.

  3. Understanding when radiographs are required and how to interpret them accurately.

  4. Understanding the new classification and how to easily apply it in practice.

  5. Knowing when to refer patients for specialist care and what to say.


  1. Providing effective OHI in the time available in general practice.

  2. Motivating patients and dealing with non-compliance.

  3. Discussion of the latest evidence-base on halitosis, dentine sensitivity as well as the links between periodontitis and general health.

Periodontal therapy

  1. Tips on how to give LA comfortably.

  2. Understanding the science and expected improvements as well as the ability to clearly discuss treatment with patients.

  3. In-depth discussion on the various non-surgical techniques including airflow, ultrasonic instrumentation and hand instrumentation. Hands- on element for hand instrumentation.

  4. Understanding instrumentation around dental implants.

  5. Dealing with backache and RSI.

Practising & Problem Solving

  1. How to work to an optimal standard in different practices without running late.

  2. Tackling daily issues such as: lack of LA prescriptions, managing late patients, direct access, recurrent FTAs and note writing.

  3. Learning how to deal with the challenging patient.

  4. Knowing the features of a ‘good’ job and how to maximise chances of a successful application.

Dr Reena Wadia

Reena qualified from Barts and The London with the prestigious Gold Medal as well as numerous other undergraduate dental awards. Following general practice, Reena worked as a Senior House Officer in both Restorative Dentistry and Oral Surgery. Reena has completed the part-time speciality training programme in Periodontology at Guy’s Hospital. She now runs her own specialist periodontal referral clinic on Harley Street and is also an associate specialist at Kings College Hospital.

As well as being passionate about acquiring new knowledge, Reena has always encouraged and supported hygienists by sharing any learning and experiences. To this end, she created her own blog ( as a platform to communicate valuable information. She was also a tutor for hygienists and therapists at Barts and The London for 4 years and now continues this role at Kings College Hospital. She is a great teacher and has been awarded a Fellowship of the Higher Education Academy. 


Reena also endeavours to contribute to the profession through her National Board Member position at the Faculty of General Dental Practice and local committee role with the British Dental Association.




“A great time making new friends, learning new ways of making the working day run smoother as well as hints and tips. Throughly enjoyable and have learnt a lot. 100% recommend to both new starters and old hands to elevate and streamline daily appointments”

- Linzy Baker

©2021 by The Hygienist Course.